I cant tell if flunk master spermling is being serious🤦🤦🤦

2021.11.27 01:53 Ecliptic123 I cant tell if flunk master spermling is being serious🤦🤦🤦

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2021.11.27 01:53 cheeto-Oc My uncle got this today

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2021.11.27 01:53 Materialist-girl Clear "bubble shine" nail polish? Christmas gift help!

My friend mentioned that she would really love to find some clear nail polish that gives her nails a slight rainbow shine "like the surface of a bubble". I thought it would be a great Christmas present if I could find it for her, but my searches haven't come up with anything yet. I've found oil slick nail polish, which looks kind of like the desired effect but much darker. So far the closest match I've got is Rimmel Mermaid Fin but that's more opalescent and again, not really clear.
Am I looking for something that doesn't exist? Is there a more effective search term I could be using? I know nothing about nail polish!
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2021.11.27 01:53 War-Square Explorer 39mm, Alaska

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2021.11.27 01:53 kobie1012 Finally have everything dialed in. Looking to start a club for anyone using a wheel.

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2021.11.27 01:53 E_r-29 Beautiful Sadness

A hundred metres. Maybe more. Low enough for the journey to be slow. High enough to make the end quick. Steps now, merely steps. The edge not far, almost visible. Closer and closer and closer still. The steps gradually smaller and smaller and smaller still. Perhaps this is a mistake. Perhaps this isn’t the solution. Perhaps there was a reason for everything that happened, some sick, psychotic reason. Something, anything, to make the next few steps bearable. A slight sense of wetness in the air. It isn’t raining, though. Surely this is not the end. Surely there is some form of salvation, here to spare me right before I make my decision. Deep down I’ve already made my decision.

It's harder to breathe. The air hasn’t changed, though. One foot. Two foot. Inching forward. The wind has picked up, it cries in my ears, its song a wailing lament. Screaming at me, begging me, scolding me. Leaving me. Newfound determination pushes me forward. Forward again. And again. I see it now. A ledge. A seemingly innocuous ledge. Once upon a time a place of peace to sit with a loved one to observe the beauty of the sunset, a vast array of warm reds and oranges and yellows. Not anymore. Never again. The red is harsh, a demon leering at my face, taunting me, goading me. Forward again. The oranges are now blazing fires, begging me to smother the flames with my body. Forward again. The yellows simply watch me, observe me, judge me. Forward again.

This is it. It. Everything has led up to it. My primary school teacher told me every story has a happy ending, regardless of the sadness that takes place. Somewhere in every sad plot twist lies a tiny piece of goodness, of purity, some little thing that makes everything alright. This is what I tell myself. Looking down over the edge. That cursed edge. Somehow, my next move will make someone happy. But is it worth it? Is all the pain, the suffering, the empty void of my heart and head worth all this? And at that point I falter. I second guess. I doubt myself. I step back. One step. Two steps. Three steps.

I’m caught in a bad place. A point where I feel both ways. I want to get back on that ledge. I don’t want to. I’m going to end this all now. And yet there’s still so much of this story left to write. I can’t do this. The wind hurls abuse at me, slamming me for my cowardice. I can’t. The sun’s red and orange hues become brighter, harsher, angrier. I step forward. One more step, I tell myself. The world seems to be vibrating, a primordial force shaking the foundations upon which I stand. Everything becomes me. The sun’s hate, the wind’s rage, the pure violence of the Earth. I take another step forward.

Suddenly everything is clear. The voices in my head are gone. The wind is almost comforting. My feet are in front of me. My head is on my shoulders. Everything that should be, is. I’m at the edge again. I don’t look down. I never look down. I watch the sun. For once I see it for its beauty. The reds and oranges and yellows mix together to form vibrant hues that dazzle the eyes. The puffy little clouds reflect the light, creating a soft pink glow that whispers peace over the world. The sun itself, a ball of gas millions of light years away, sinks slowly below my world. Merely the tip of it remains, casting its final warm radiance across the city. I think of my primary school teacher. I think of everything that has led up to this point. I think of every tiny little detail. The sun sinks. The world of light is cast into shadow. Beauty is replaced by darkness.

I step forward once more. This time I step on nothing but air.
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2021.11.27 01:53 Necessary_Builder179 Is blasphemy of God and apostasy from religions allowed in liberalism? What would capitalist libertarians say about blasphemy?

I heard that John Locke was against blasphemy. How many classical liberals were against blasphemy and apostasy?
Was Mill against blasphemy? What about Adam Smith? Similarly, do modern liberals (such as Rawls) allow blasphemy?
What are capitalist libertarian (Nozick, Huemer, Rothbard) positions on blasphemy?
In a discussion between Graham Oppy (atheist philosopher) and Abdullah Andalusi (muslim philosopher), Abdullah claimed that Islam is better than classical liberalism as classical liberalism fails to provide good responses to social corruption such as cyberbullying, psychological manipulation, etc. How correct is Abdullah in his claim that classical liberals cannot address cyberbullying, psychological manipulation and social corruption due to their focus on individual freedoms while Islam can address social corruption based on Sharia, so Islam is better equipped to deal with modern problems than classical liberalism and/or (probably) libertarianism?
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2021.11.27 01:53 notjagan mrekk | beatMARIO - Night of Knights [The World] +HDDT (9.28*) 95.61% 2xMiss 1020/1054x | 937pp | 68.60 cv.UR

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2021.11.27 01:53 Sierra-T4J4 An ACTUAL Guide to Halo Infinites Most Unique Weapons - Things You DEFINITELY Didn't Know

Man, I searched YouTube for so long on how to be good at Halo Infinite. I was so good at other MCC titles and I just didn't understand why I was getting turned inside out. I watched so many videos on weapons and how to use them, but they all felt underwhelming, and even fake? Like the person talking didn't actually understand the weapon, but was just talking about it because of their channel influence. Enough is enough. I spent hours in Training, analysing all of Halo Infinites most unique new weapons, and finding their place in the sandbox. It's finally complete, and I can share it with all of you today. I'll be posting this in other subreddits as well, in hopes of improving EVERYBODY'S experience with Halo Infinite, and in the long run, hopefully provide a more fun, engaging and competitive experience for everybody. Without any further ado, here are my summaries of the most unique weapons in Halo Infinite:
Pulse Carbine: This is a 5 shot burst weapon. You can lead shots if you're consistent, but ideally this is a medium ranged weapon, aim to be as far as you can be while remaining within reticle, the projectile tracking is THE feature here and is actually really reliable, especially with groups of people. SCOPING IN INCREASES THE RED RETICLE RANGE, which means it is viable for LONGER RANGES TOO, remember these bullets track and HARD. DON'T expect to burst and then melee, as this requires you to be up close and this weapon is underwhelming at very close ranges.
Mangler: 3 tap perfect, 4 tap body, 1 tap and melee. This weapon does increased melee damage and hits like a bus. Close to medium range, these projectiles drop fast. Use with the thruster pack or grapple to nab cheeky melee kills. Super effective.
Stalker Rifle: This weapon is hard to use, I suggest playing with bots for a while with it, the reason being is it has no aim assist at all, you have to be very precise, it literally doesn't go red reticle either. This weapon is a 3 tap perfect and 5 tap body and a 2 tap to melee. This is an absolute monster if you can use it right. This weapon is actually best used at close to medium range, as it's lack of red reticle is super unforgiving at longer ranges, although if you have the aim for it, can be used at any range. This weapon is NOT a sniper class weapon, it is a DMR. PS this weapon does not do bonus melee damage, but does just slightly less damage than the mangler, but with a faster fire rate, which means an enemy shot once with a stalker Rifle can be meleed by a mangler to finish.
Shock Rifle: I struggle with this weapon. It's actually a 3 round burst, believe it or not. It shoots 3 projectiles within 0.2-0.4 seconds. if you want to "one tap", only shoot when the enemy is standing reliably still or is running directly towards you as all 3 projectiles must hit the target. Avoid shooting moving targets. If you can do this it is very effective. Crowd control is a bonus, but never comes into play in game. It's utility is actually against vehicles, 2 taps to EMP, which is extremely useful. It requires insane tracking skills at medium range on moving targets. TIP: this is really hard to test or confirm, but I BELIEVE scoping in actually decreased the amount of time between each projectile in a burst, which means it is easier to get a headshot on a moving target while scoped. As mentioned this is hard to measure and I tried, but I do believe this is the case.
Ravager: This is a crowd control weapon. THIS IS A CROWD CONTROL WEAPON. It's primary 3 fire burst does very little damage to enemies. 3 burst perfect where all projectiles hit, 4 burst standard. However, the added melee damage means it is a 1 burst (3 projectile) melee kill, like many banished weapons. If you are relying on a ravager, charge shot and MELEE is excellent for a group of 2, keep a headshot weapon with you if you can, 1 burst melee for 1v1, and for any more, charge shot and switch to a headshot weapon. The ravager bounces off of walls once with a charge shot, great for area denial. This weapon is also great against VEHICLES when using charged shot, especially for warthogs who are stationary, all passengers take significant damage, as well as the vehicle, will generally cause a panic. TIP: Use a Ravager and a Mangler together to have a melee speed advantage, melee once and immediately switch to the other and melee again, you'll only save fractions of a second, but it might be the difference you need.
Cindershot: Incredibly powerful, projectiles always bounce once unless direct hit. 2 direct hits to body for kill, 3-4 indirect (Testing was inconsistent, so I'm not sure. Just go for direct hits), however while scoped, projectiles will track to your reticle, like homing missiles. Use this to bend them around corners or to hit fast vehicles. This weapon is overall simple to use but always go for direct hits. Don't underestimate that homing function, it's useful even in close range. The projectile will still bounce even when using homing, so only be sloppy in tight spaces. Great for crowd control too.
Hydra: This weapon feels strange to me. Maybe it's just my playstyle. It's a 3 tap kill in normal fire, it's alt fire lock on a tracks enemies, however it turns it into a 4 shot kill. So, I would only use alt fire for vehicle tracking, specifically airborne, as I believe this is where that weapon works best. It is a one tap melee after one direct projectile, not with lock on however, which takes 2 direct hits and a melee. Only use standard fire against infantry, it's secondary is pretty much exclusively for vehicles. Standard projectiles kill in 4 shots with splash damage. Any combination of close splash damage and 1 direct shot will result in a 3 tap kill. Engage at close to medium range, or any range with lock on to vehicle within red reticle. Beware of splash damage. The reload time on this I feel is just slightly too slow, and is good for 2 kills per full load.
Heatwave: This is one of my favourite weapons. It is so misunderstood. Read very carefully, this will change the way you use this gun. If used properly this thing is a monster. You need to look at the heatwave as 2 guns, a pseudo DMR and a shotgun. Most of you pick up the heatwave and switch to verticle fire and leave it at that. You're missing out. Vertical fire is excellent for individual engagement at medium and medium-long ranges, and does good damage with a tight spread, it's a 3 tap kill and a 1 tap and melee, HOWEVER, that horizontal fire you haven't been using? Yep, it does more damage. How much more? It has 2 tap potential. Thats right, the horizontal mode on the heatwave CAN 2 TAP. Not only that, but if only HALF (3) of the horizontal projectiles connect, it's still 1 smack melee kill. That means that not only can it kill in 2 shots, but it can put TWO enemies into a one smack melee state at once. The horizontal 2 tap potential has to be executed in close range, almost at melee range, which makes it quite difficult, but given its damage it almost always wins those battles. Use your horizontal spread in closer range as it will still kill in 3 taps and be MUCH easier to hit shots, use your vertical fire for longer engagements, it is surprisingly effective at medium to long range of you can lead shots as the projectiles are reasonably fast. Not to mention that projectiles BOUNCE off walls a maximum of (5?) times over 2 seconds, and the projectiles have NO damage loss. Oh, and by the way, if all projectiles hit on a horizontal shot, the next vertical shot will one tap. Yep, thats right, you can hit a close up and back up, then hit them with a well placed vertical spread shot and they will be 2 tapped. I almost didn't want to give this information out because I literally don't think anyone knew this, I spend hours figuring out these weapons in training and it's just insane.
Commando: Is bad don't use it unless it's for cleaning up headshots at close to medium range 343 plz fix
If anyone wants me to go in depth into equipment, maps or movement, let me know as I've been working on understanding those better too. I really hope this helps the community better utilise Halo Infinites sandbox to not only do better, but have more fun. I hope the game is less frustrating as a result of this. Thanks everyone.
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2021.11.27 01:53 wet-fart-mp3 123

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2021.11.27 01:53 TheCaIifornian Do they make a switch that I can swap this out with where both are dimmers? My contractor said he couldn’t find one when he installed it. If so, what specifically am I looking for?

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2021.11.27 01:53 Legitimate_Fee8209 Başlık

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2021.11.27 01:53 Canoeee LF: Porygon FT: Some SP exclusives

The exclusives I have right now are:

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2021.11.27 01:53 spankyourkopita Why haven't the Blazers blown this roster up?

The ship sailed and they've peaked.They ain't nothing but a borderline playoff team. Dame should've left in the summer. I don't know what different results he was expecting. He too loyal to Portland.
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2021.11.27 01:52 Severe_Concept_9627 I might Get Fired

Just found out that if I get in a physical confrontation with a shoplifter who refused to give back stolen items and I report it on Spark where we usually report stolen merchandise, the chances of me getting fired are high. Well, it's been nice knowing ya'll. Anyways, I just want to know if (when) I get fired, should I cash in my vacation hours or are they going to reimburse it on my final paycheck? I already have a vacation scheduled for next year, but since this incident happened, I'm wondering if I should just cash the vacation hours as soon as possible.
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2021.11.27 01:52 ghostofanimus Soooo good.

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2021.11.27 01:52 acceptedplace What Is The Weirdest/Strangest Thing You Have Done After Sex?

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2021.11.27 01:52 Expert_Extreme8020 Oop bye shadow no one can even tell what it is 🤦

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2021.11.27 01:52 AssGasorGrassroots Digivolution question

So my Garurumon (black) has all the stat requirements to digivolve to WereGarurumon. Hell, he has the stat requirements to reach MetalGarurumon. But WereGarurumon isn't showing up on his digivolution chart. All of the spaces are still empty, even though they've been met since he was born. The other paths are blocked, so I'm not worried about a wrong digivolution, but what's going on here?
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2021.11.27 01:52 CominRoundTheMtn What’s the nicest thing someone wrote in your birthday card?

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2021.11.27 01:52 ElectronicFudge5 The theory that Peter Tobin could be Bible John is a non-starter for many reasons

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2021.11.27 01:52 Harmonic-Voltage He slips on vomit while trying to punt a pigeon.

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2021.11.27 01:52 nasaonepiece r5 serpent spine vs r1 wgs build which is better?

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2021.11.27 01:52 YoMamaThe3rd F

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2021.11.27 01:52 PenguinKnight4 Took 5 robotabs about 2 hrs ago, still don’t feel much.

This is my first time trying dxm. I weigh about 155 lbs so I took 150 mg of robotabs a bit over 2 hrs ago and I don’t really feel much at all apart from a bit dizzy and nauseous. Is this normal?
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