[LF] Timbra [FT] 100 NMT

2021.11.27 03:00 wondrous_apricity [LF] Timbra [FT] 100 NMT

Looking for Timbra the Snooty Sheep in boxes. Been looking everywhere!
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2021.11.27 03:00 TimoKerre Serious question about PRPS mechanics

Hi there,
I have a question concerning the PRPS-DUBI mechanics:
Let's say PRPS sits at a specific price at which the wall (Reese) is selling it, take for instance 10 usd. Therefore there will be a massive "seller" of PRPS for 10 USD, and a buy wall for DUBI at 10 USD.
However, is there a system in place I am overlooking that prevents the scenario that there will be a large market pool (buying and selling) of PRPS *below* the 10 USD which is being offered? In the example here, let's say the official price (Reese) is 10 USD, but there are many buy-sell orders at 7 USD.
I know that in the past Reese bought up this undercutting market, but if volumes increase, that won't be possible.
Thanks :)
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2021.11.27 03:00 Embarrassed-Ear147 I’m always reaching out first

I grew up in a close knit and small family. When I finished high school, I went away to college and ended up meeting my husband and making a life with him about 5 hours away from my hometown. We still visit my hometown probably 6-8 times a year because I have family there. My dad passed away 12 years ago and it definitely changed the family dynamic on his side. I was always close with my paternal grandmother growing up but both of us felt so much sadness after he passed (her son and my dad) and that side of the family just doesn’t get together like we did when he was alive. I kept in contact with her and always would visit everytime I came home, even if I didn’t call regularly. When I would call her she would always say “I haven’t heard from you lately” and I would always feel guilty like I wasn’t calling her enough. In recent years, she’s of course gotten older snd she’s somewhat sick now. My aunt (my dads middle sister) is her primary caregiver. I have to go through her to see my grandmother or talk to her. I get the feeling that my aunt expects me to always be the one calling and checking in, because she never attempts to call me or anything. I used to text updates of my kids to her quite often and then ask how my grandmother was doing snd she would respond, but she would never really reach out of me first. The past few times I’ve visited mt hometown, I try and set up a time when so can go see her and mt aunt always has an excuse. Yes I understand Covid, but I have promised her we would be safe (mask up and sit 6ft away from her). I just want to see her in person. I don’t like FaceTiming because my grandmother has dementia and fighting cancer and she’s into a phone at all, but in person she’s different. On holidays, I won’t hear from my aunt UNLESS I call her first. This holiday I have visited and haven’t heard from my aunt once, she knows I’m in town. Again, that side of my family, I feel like thinks the younger person is always supposed to reach out first. They are quick to mention that they haven’t heard from you in a while, But sometimes it would be nice if I felt like I wasn’t the only person trying to meet up.
Please tell me if I’m wrong. I probably left out some of the dynamic but I hope I covered as much as I could. Do I need to go ahead snd be the bigger person and keep reaching out to my aunt considering she’s caring for my grandmother or should my aunt call me sometimes as well?
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2021.11.27 03:00 FauxFlamingo Giving away this homegrown set!

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2021.11.27 03:00 xoMemphis FOLLOW AND COME THROUGH!!

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2021.11.27 03:00 kedikahveicer Asking a guy out

So. Where do I start??
So I'm (29M) thinking of asking a guy out. I really like him. He's sweet, he's gorgeous, he's funny, GSOH... I could go on. Met him through a friend of a friend one time.
I just don't know how to actually approach the subject of asking him out?
He's only about 19, so a decade between us. But then I've only just finished my undergraduate as a "mature student", and we have the same friendship group, so we're not worlds apart.
Anyway. On a night out I once told him, "I have always thought yo were gorgeous". So, he already knows I'm into him. We almost ventured off that night and got up to no good, but he lives in a different town to me and we didn't really have anywhere to go so didn't. Plus, I realised (later on) that I didn't wanna just have a cheeky fling on a night out. I want to organise seeing him properly.
My idea is, that, maybe next time I see him I ask if he wants to go for a drink or for a meal some time? Maybe that would be a good/simple start..?
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2021.11.27 03:00 lss_bvt_and_22 LssTest-GoldPost-85160

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2021.11.27 03:00 LummoxJR Suggestion: Sidebar resources

Considering we have a lot of people in this sub looking for really good sources of info, would it be possible to have a section on the sidebar with links to reliable resources like GoutEducation.org and some of Dr. Edwards' recent AMAs?
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2021.11.27 03:00 MacSince93 Mirror of Erised

I have read the books multiple times, watched the movies countless times. I started when I was 6.
I am 28 years old and I JUST realized the Mirror of Erised is the mirror of Desire. Erised = Desire.
I feel beyond dumb. Although I was 25 when I realized Diagon Alley was supposed to be a play on diagonally, so I probably just AM that dumb.
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2021.11.27 03:00 ExistentialBerns As Titan’s Fans, I’m curious your thoughts.

Hey y’all,
I know he hasn’t been on your team in awhile, but I’m curious your thoughts on Marcus Mariota’s current role with the Raiders as well as the way NFL pundits always seem to downplay his potential to be a top-tier QB in the league. I mainly ask this because I know how beloved he was as a member of your team and as a lifelong Ducks fan, we certainly felt the same when we had him with us. I like many CFB fans enjoy following our pro-Ducks when they make the leap, so needless to say it’s been sad for us to see his talent being under utilized the way it has. Granted he’s had his fair share of injuries, not only with y’all, with the Raiders as well, but now that he’s healthy again, I feel strongly that his talents are being straight up wasted as a back-up in LV. It did however feel great to see him get that rushing TD against Dallas yesterday. Plus I mean, any day that Dallas loses is a good day to me, lol 😆 Anyway, I suppose I’d just love to see him get traded to the right team, who’s scheme will encompass what he does best.
P.S. It’s nice to see y’all kicking some ass this season 💪🏼
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2021.11.27 03:00 aeschenkarnos Would this work? Fan haptics for stationary bike VR

I very recently got a friend’s old Oculus Rift, and have been sufficiently impressed with it to start putting together a shopping list to upgrade. Probably an OQ2 as it seems to be the sweet spot of price and features.
Anyway that aside, it occurred to me that it might be fun, and good for me, to get a stationary bike and some sort of connector kit to make it behave as a controller. While I was looking around, I read an interview/PR piece with a developer who mentioned that he liked to set up a desk fan to keep himself cool, and also to aid in immersion.
Which brings me to my question. Would it be possible somehow to rig up a fan to vary its speed based on the in-app “speed” of the user? This would be ideal for the stationary bike, but it occurs to me that it would also work with any motion-based game, and with multiple fans, could be potentially directional.
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2021.11.27 03:00 Avatar_Xane_2 What are some current inside or running jokes at your work?

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Hello! Survey lang po dun sa mga di nagavail ng scholarship sa binigay na reply slip ng DOST. Nakatanggap kayo ng login credentials sa scholar's portal kung saan makukuha yung SA?
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2021.11.27 03:00 Llama-lover64 Transfer Xbox worlds to mobile

I’m sorry if I’m an idiot and there’s already a way to do this but I was wondering if anybody knows how to transfer or play on my worlds from Xbox on mobile
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2021.11.27 03:00 JRLO1426 Muy bueno con arro blanco

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2021.11.27 03:00 rileywithani This scene breaks my heart everytime

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2021.11.27 03:00 weirdest_memes_ Had me in the first half not gonna lie 🤣 over for curry cels 😔🔫

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2021.11.27 03:00 psychedelicow Came across these bad boys 🇦🇺

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2021.11.27 03:00 Exotic_Display2690 Should I make mage or ranger im new

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2021.11.27 03:00 PhatDragon720 Oh no… I’m HERE.

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2021.11.27 03:00 Young_Digiorno Extra space between trainer names. All of the PBS files look fine, why is this happening?

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2021.11.27 03:00 TheOfficialEDDAswap Voyage to EDDA "To boldly go where no one has gone before" NFT by Batmax for EDDA

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2021.11.27 03:00 SteamieBot The Steamie - Saturday 27 November 2021

Weather (Powered by Dark Sky)
Windy this morning and later this morning.
Around 0 to 4 degrees.
Due to forecasted severe weather disruption is expected until 12:00 27/11.
Train services between Dalmuir and Larkhall will be terminated at and started back from Newton Lanark.
Passengers are advised not to travel at this time.

Passengers are advised not to travel during this time.
Let us help you:Please let us try and help you if you are being disrupted. At the station or on-train:* Speak to a member of staff or use the Help-point (station only).* Listen for announcements.* Information will be displayed on Customer Information Screens.Keep up to date or get in touch on your phone:Twitter: Live updates @ScotRail.WhatsApp: Contact us on WhatsApp.App: Live updates on our app. Phone: Contact Customer Relations.
Train services between Glasgow Central and Carlisle via Dumfries will be suspended between Kilmarnock and Carlisle.
Train services between Dalmuir and Motherwell will be diverted.
Train services between Dalmuir and Cumbernauld will be diverted.
Train services between Queen Street and Anniesland via Maryhill will be suspended.
Train services between Aberdeen and Queen Street will be suspended.
Train services between Queen Street and Alloa will be suspended.
Train services between Queen Street and Dunblane will be suspended.
Train services between Queen Street and Stirling will be suspended.
What's On Today
Self led Workshop - Share some South Asian Games (Scotland Street School Museum)
Currently Scotland Street is the only school designed by Charles Rennie Mackintosh that is still open to the public. This guide-led tour allows visitors to choose the topics for discussion and route of their walk around the building. This is inten...
GlaswegAsians (Scotland Street School Museum)
A Colourful Heritage exhibition celebrating 150 years of South Asian and Muslim history in Glasgow. Explore the community’s contribution to the city and commemorate the 80th anniversary of World War Two by learning about the British Indian Army s...
First complete illustrated book of all 676 internationally important ship models published (Riverside Museum)
Glasgow is renowned throughout the world as a centre for shipbuilding, this reputation is reflected in the city’s internationally significant collection of ship models, which are cared for by Glasgow Museums. A new book Glasgow Museums: The Ship...
Treasured shoe added to Athenia display on 80th anniversary of the sinking (Riverside Museum)
Eighty years ago the SS Athenia was outbound from Glasgow, Liverpool and Belfast to Montreal, Canada with over 1,000 passengers on board. On the day World War 2 was declared in September 1939 it was attacked and sunk, becoming the first maritime c...
Step inside Driver’s Cab from ‘Train of the Future’ (Riverside Museum)
Come to Riverside and step inside a life-size replica driver’s cab of the brand new Nova 2 train by FirstGroup TransPennine Express. The child-friendly interactive display is based on a new state-of-the-art electric locomotive, set to be introduce...
Dorothee Pullinger displays honours trailblazing automotive engineer (Riverside Museum)
Driving Force: Dorothée Pullinger and the Galloway Car celebrates the achievements of British engineering pioneer, business woman and racing driver Dorothée Pullinger. Dorothee co-founded the Women’s Engineering Society (WES) and we are deligh...
Going Green – The Drive for Energy Efficiency (Riverside Museum)
Going Green – The Drive for Energy Efficiency considers James Watt’s pioneering spirit and his legacy in a modern-day context, where the desire to be increasingly energy efficient to combat climate change is ever-present.
Curious About Glasgow (City Centre)
Have fun (re-)discovering Glasgow, spotting things you’ve never noticed before, with two quirky treasure hunt style heritage walks - a safe, fun and affordable way to get some fresh air with your household, whilst staying close to home.
Wrestling Experience Scotland (Maryhill Community Central Hall)
Wrestling event.
Summer Long Sports Day (Hamleys Toy Store)
Most pandemic restrictions in the UK are now thankfully being lifted, however the end of the summer school term has still been affected with many sports days being cancelled - meaning no egg and spoon, bean bag balancing or the infamous Mum and Da...
Royal Scottish National Orchestra: Kim Plays Brahms Piano Concerto No1 (Glasgow Royal Concert Hall)
Kim Plays Brahms Piano Concerto No1
Rebirth Presents Renegade System (The Flying Duck)
Leading the charge in the new Hard Trance Revolution, Renegade System has rocketed himself in to the spotlight in spectacular fashion!
1994 Ultra-Frequency (The Classic Grand)
Continuing to bring you quality Oldskool events, 1994 are proud to finally bring you this very, very special rave up. You've heard their first collaboration TAKE ME AWAY now get ready for the full live set of brand new Oldskool tracks from two of ...
Potions Cocktail Class (The Root of Magic)
Be immersed in a world of magic at our potions cocktail class. Our fully interactive cocktail potions experience is led by our in house professors within our potions area.Price is £30pp which includes 3 drinks and activitiesclasses run 8pm Friday...
Hardstyle Superheroes (O2 Academy Glasgow)
Scotland Biggest Hardstyle/Hard Dance event
JMG Music Group Present: Sorry For Your Loss (Glasgow Royal Concert Hall)
This event has been rescheduled from 28 June 2020, all original tickets remain valid. For more information please find our FAQs here.
Dislocations: Territories, Landscapes And Other Spaces (The Hunterian Museum and Art Gallery)
Dislocations is a group exhibition featuring the work of contemporary artists. The artists included here reframe the ways we inhabit, perceive and represent the natural world. They direct our attention to sites, spaces and experiences often overlo...
The Word for World is Forest (CCA)
The Word for World is Forest brings together three perspectives on climate change from very different regions of the world.
Rukuvhute – Umbilical by Fadzai Mwakutuya (Komplex Gallery and Studios)
Rukuvhute - Umbilical is brought to you by Fadzai Mwakutuya as part of RotU's (en)countering crisis + re:making futures series of events.
Gemütlig By Verbena Blue Collective (Vbc) (Komplex Gallery and Studios)
GEMÜTLIG is brought to you by roman san roman & anton vasiliadis of Verbena Blue Collective (VBC) as part of RotU's (en)countering crisis + re:making futures series of events.
Today in Scottish History
27 November 1950: The death of the professional golfer and golf course designer James Braid.
/GlasgowMarket Digest
2x Tickets for Australian Pink Floyd at OVO Hydro 04/12/21
Used hartail MTB, £170
2 Tickets to Boyzlife TONIGHT at the Royal Concert Hall
Electric Coffee Maker w/filters and coffee. Looking for £20.00. Used only a handful of times. Partner and I no longer drink coffee so needs a new home. Collection Pollokshaws.
Free Frank Carter & The Rattlesnakes ticket
Tune of the day
Whirr - Junebouvier (suggested by rexuspatheticus)
Only one eligible link submitted today. Suggest tomorrow's tune.
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2021.11.27 03:00 Smart_Lake_963 Happy belated Thanksgiving! My 1st spatchcock’d turkey. I wish I had brined it... but mother in law brought it over day of cook. Still good tho.

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2021.11.27 03:00 RipVanPringle Is there a lawful force in the Astral Plane?

If you're in the Green Sea and your character names are Chance, Ghillie, Iman, Bulgogi, or Marsnek--look away
I'm a roughly beginner DM doing a homebrew in 5e, and my brain is smooth as a marble when it comes to remembering little things about dnd's universe mechanics, gods, popular towns, and other things. But the guy who got me into dnd is my lawful good rules lawyer, and this is about him and how I want to help him feel connected to the world I've made, which exists alongside DnD's in a plane created by a god as a small pocket dimension for their own purposes.
His character is a Horizon Walker ranger, he did a class change when his character remembered their memories in this world where everyone washes up to the shores with no memories of their past life. He gave me free reign of his backstory so I made it to where he was an agent of a 'policing force' that saw the small plane as an oddity to be investigated, but when he and his partner did so, they got separated and his wood elf Ghillie got mixed up with everyone else in the Green Sea shenanigans.
I'm not sure about the astral plane, horizon walker rangers, or if there even IS a feasible lawful force/organization that could have a problem with a god just making realities in the astral plane willy nilly. Honestly I pictured what I knew of the Raven Queen having a problem with souls not dying and wanting her agents/warlocks/clerics(?) to make that shit stop--idk if another god or entity would want similar.
Could I have some help for this corner I've written myself in?
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