28b83 2ie7s fzte4 ih9bb 4yabr tk9sb 8d99a 32i6y 5beif 8yr72 t2ht3 2ba2t dyzdt 25f8z 4437a 76yk4 h7nsn dere5 9hnyk 8fede 567s4 Does anyone know how the new item chances from working work? For example, I wanted to know the rarity of getting sbag from Santa job. |

Does anyone know how the new item chances from working work? For example, I wanted to know the rarity of getting sbag from Santa job.

2021.11.27 02:33 Affectionate-Hat6963 Does anyone know how the new item chances from working work? For example, I wanted to know the rarity of getting sbag from Santa job.

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2021.11.27 02:33 littlesadbunny_ I have a 2013 Altima SL, maf issues

I got my MAF sensor replaced on the 18th.
today, the check engine light came back on, and it's the sensor again.
is the maf a common issue? maybe the mechanic installed it wrong?
or, can something be wrong with the car that's making the maf have issues?
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2021.11.27 02:33 Intelligent-Goat3762 Add me 8759 1491 9547

Active daily
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2021.11.27 02:33 True-Independence245 I need 15 karma, i have 5, can you help me while we praise Arcane?

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2021.11.27 02:33 Civil_Height4750 Rex

Does anyone know what paint is needed for cainex rex?
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2021.11.27 02:33 astralspacehermit Inter-lucid dreams

I'm referring to dreams you have where you're lucid to your ability to manipulate dreams but not aware to the point where you're awake in a dream. Maybe sub-lucid, like the dream I had this morning where I realized that I was in control to a degree of what was going on, but not lucid lucid. In fact if I'm remembering this right, I've had multiple dreams where I thought I was in a different reality. Like I did not have the belief in the possibility of waking up from a dream, because I thought I was in a reality divorced from this reality (I'm assuming that I had the concept of this reality and thus the ability to waken up from it which was disabled).
Maybe you could interpret that situation as another manifestation of my sense of powerlessness in real life but nevertheless it's a very weird experience. I think I reach a certain level of lucidity, but I am physically unable to climb out of sleep (I've lately had dream moments where it was incredibly difficult to stand or get up and my legs felt an intense sense of lethargic), and then, eventually, my head falls back down under water and I get lost in the dream without doing any reliable lucid escapes before I realize what is going on.
Anyways, in these lucid dreams I discover that the laws of normal reality don't apply - I'm usually pleasantly surprised when I learn this - and that I take on a magical ability to bend the laws of reality. Also when I begin flying in a dream, that almost automatically takes me to a 'sub-lucid' level. Perhaps it is because experiencing these things at all no matter how essentially hallucinatory is something that lights up my psyche overall and climbs up into my higher awareness.
Please be to share your experiences you beauties
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2021.11.27 02:33 InsiderGaming Where should the next Watch Dogs be located?

Where would you want the next Watch Dogs be located if they make another game?
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2021.11.27 02:33 CyanImposterDiscord Lokking for a couple more to join my serve (were going for everybody in 1 area type of thing, with alot of coop work)

Being able to vc is essential, sorry this is not a realm. I will have to start it My discord: ex0g#7515
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2021.11.27 02:33 shadowjack121 MCX upgrades

I bought the Sig MCX AEG from a friend of mine and was wondering if anyone knew of any stocks I can put on it
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2021.11.27 02:33 TRBlae LF: ability patches FT:leftovers, shiny stone, sun stone

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2021.11.27 02:33 OpenSeaXPoster Free GHOST NFT DROP eth wallet for a chance to win (xpost from /r/opensea)

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2021.11.27 02:33 Murkuro_Ikusaba16 Undertale-Themed Cookbook!

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2021.11.27 02:33 One_Contribution_847 Sonos vs Sonance In Ceiling Speakers

I am learning about Sonance and Sonos. I am planning to install in ceiling speakers within my home. However, I am torn between understanding if there's a difference between the sonos speakers and sonance speakers.
I thought that the two companies merged. However, sonos and sonance both have their own respective websites with speakers, soundbars, etc.
In regards to in ceiling speakers, it seems as though sonos only offer 6" two way speakers as a pair.
Can any one help to clarify or share any insight into in ceiling speakers for these two companies? Is one superior to the other or are these products interchangeable?
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2021.11.27 02:33 capshun Should I get rid of my LG uc99-w for Samsung 49" G9

Struggling to decide what to do looking for opinions.
Currently love my LG 38 but that screen size of the 49 looks amazing.
Primary use is productivity and UI design (40 hrs a week). Secondary is gaming (5-10 hrs a week, csgo or Witchesingle player games)
My concerns. - an I going to miss the 1600px height? - will the colors be accurate enough? (Doesn't need to be insanely accurate but not insanely skewed or lacking. - which is the better monitor? - I really like the USB c and built in speakers on the LG (not a deal breaker but def a pain to lose)
Need help/other opinions
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2021.11.27 02:33 Theeblaktattoo Dead Mickey riding a panther by Braeden Kurzrock at Sanctuary Tattoo Gallery, Milwaukee

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2021.11.27 02:33 sagacious-gox Whenever I’m at my lows (which is quite frequent) and everything falls apart, my first instinct is to just commit.. does this make me suicidal? :/

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2021.11.27 02:33 DamTrig Albert Einstein was sitting next to a man on a train

Trying to break the boredom, Einstein said "let's play a simple game, I ask you a question, if you can't answer, you give me $5, then you ask me a question, if I can't answer, I give you $500"
The man thought for a while and then said ok
Einstein starts by asking the man "what's Newton's third law?"
the man didn't know, so he gave Einstein $5
Then it was his turn to ask Einstein, so he says: "What goes up a mountain with one leg, and goes back down with three legs?"
Einstein spent a lot of time thinking before he decides to give up, giving the man $500
"but what's it?" asked Einstein
"I don't know" said the man, giving Einstein $5
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2021.11.27 02:33 Airvh Conan killed Barbarian.

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2021.11.27 02:33 idkbruvh Thoughts?

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2021.11.27 02:33 ryanwosleger So uncivilized

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2021.11.27 02:33 Gasmask_Gary Rules for interacting safely with mentally ill humans.

Hello Galactic Space Union (GSU), I am u/Gasmask_Gary. but you can call me by my mercenary name, R.E.D. Menace Pyro.
This is a list for all you extra terrestrial pals out there, and my fellow brethren humans. Humans can catch mental illnesses, some makin them crazy and psychotic, depressed and anxiety ridden, angry all the time, obsessive, perfection craving, or just plain gone absolutely fucking mad. and excuse my foul language.. it's just my slang and just how I talk.
Tip/advice 1: If the human is psychotic, try not to activate their craziness or make them angry. I'm a bit psychotic myself and there is a LOT of ways to make me go "haha violence go STAB STAB STAB" mode. one of them is through insults, or making them go a little mad which might activate a violent episode. some people also have PTSD from major mental/physical trauma. that PTSD (Post Traumatic Stress Disorder) can activate violent bouts of episode where they can potentially kill anything that moves with anything they can get their hands on. one time i had a crazed episode where i killed 12 enemy soldiers with a fucking stop sign i ripped from the ground and used to slice them and pound them flatter than a fucking flandelworf. so trust me, don't mess with the mentally ill.

Tip 2: depressed humans sometimes cope by cutting themselves to leave scars. so if you see a sad human cutting themselves or a human come out of their room with fresh scars on their arms and they have a history of depression, don't pay attention to it unless its seriously bleeding. and if you see a human crying, depression or not, comfort them. some humans just need basic mental care. Depression and Anxiety are incurable, but they like comfort and care. everyone needs it, even the psychotic.

Tip 3: if a human with OCD or is a 'perfectionist' and you see them drawing or making something, don't interrupt them unless its important. its a personal thing to them. also don't destroy their very huge and detailed LEGO models or Japanese figma. its important to them. also if you do prepare to get the absolute shit beaten out of you. lord help you if you destroy their favorite one.

Tip 4: if a human is 'insane' or has a mental disorder that makes them clinically insane (autistic people and people with minor cases of schizophrenia ARE NOT INSANE, mind you), try not to interact with them. some can even drive you mad, but usually they can't. if they are insane do not acknowledge them, no matter how loud and annoying. leave the crazies to their craziness. especially if they are gagged bound and in a straight jacket in an empty room or just in a straight jacket in a padded white room.

if you have any stories or any other advice or tips, leave them in the comments! this is R.E.D. Menace Pyro signing off, and I hope you have a wonderful day.
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2021.11.27 02:33 Mod_Lord Rüyamda Bir Şeytandım ve Güçlü Bir Şeytanı İyilik Kılıcıyla Kesiyordum

Rüyamda sonradan şeytana dönüşmüş bir insandım. Ama normal şeytanların aksine evrimimi kontrol edebiliyordum. Bir de bir varlığın ruhunu kendime bağlayıp,onun güçlerini kullanıp, onu kendime itaat ettirebiliyordum. Bir şeytan kurdu, şeytan kertenkelesi ve dahi bir meleği kendime bağlamıştım. Paralel evrenler gerçekti ve güçsüzden güçlüye doğru gidiyordu. Güçsüzde doğan biri, bir üst evrene geçebilirdi ama güçlüde doğan biri bir alt evrene geçemezdi. Güçsüzden güçlüye geçen bir şeytan geri evine dönebilirdi. Ben de evimde şeytan kertenkeleyi bırakarak, kurt şeytan ve dahi melekle birlikte bir üst evrene geçtim. Ama yolda güçlü bir şeytan ve düşmüş melek yolumuzu kapadı. Ben de iyiliğin bir dalının kanunlarını kavrayarak kılıç oluşturdum ve şeytanı kesip kaçtım. Düşmüş melek bunu sır olarak saklamaya karar verdi. Ama herkes iyilik kılıcının ortaya çıktığını biliyordu. Ben de suçu kölem dahi meleğe (kız) attım. Daha sonra melekler onu almaya gelince kız beni babası olarak tanıttı. Neyse ki bana bir istisna geçerek beni katletmediler hatta koruma altına aldılar. Daha sonra birkaç çeşit iyilik kılıcı daha kavradım, birkaç çeşit kötülük kanunu da kavrayıp birkaç çeşit kötülük kılıcı yarattım. Sonra alt evrene geri döndüm ve şeytan kertenkeleyi yanıma aldım. Onu terk ettiğim için bana kızmıştı. Alt evreni, oradakilere gücümle artistlik yapmadan terk etmedim. Herkes üst evrene giden birinin geri dönebilmesine şaşırmıştı. RÜYAM BİTTİ
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2021.11.27 02:33 Dazzling_Olive5358 corinna

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2021.11.27 02:33 AutoNewspaperAdmin [Local] - Lower Burrell Councilman Joe Grillo close to completing his final term | Pgh Tribune-Review

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2021.11.27 02:33 Direct_Fox_3817 I can't bear it anymore

I hate myself
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